Scott blir en "bad ass" i säsong 2

Tyler har avslöjat att i säsong 2 av Teen Wolf kommer Scott att bli lite av en bad ass.


No more Mr. Nice Wolf! Are you ready for a whole new side to Scott when ‘Teen Wolf’ returns?


So far, all we’ve seen of Teen Wolf‘s upcoming second season is a few pictures of Tyler Hoechlin soaked in blue plaint — not that we’re complaining, of course — but at SpikeTV’s annual Scream Awards on Oct. 15, Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes gave us a little more to chew on. “Scott is, for sure, maturing, which is cool,” Tyler told “He was a little bitch before, and now he’s going to be a bad ass!”


And Colton agreed: “He is a bad ass.”


“It’s definitely maturing as a show,” Tyler added. “All the characters have new arcs. I’m really excited about it.”




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